Trico - The Home of Vitreous Enamel

Signage & Wayfinding

Signs & Signage, Way Finding Maps, Panels, Monoliths, Miniliths, Information Points & Street Signs in Vitreous Enamel

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Trico VE non-combustible cladding panels for architectural, building design, construction and rail industries and London Underground

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Trico VE is always ready to assist with and advise on unusual one-off and sometimes, complex projects in vitreous enamel

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Contract Enamelling

Contract enamelling of flues for wood burners & range cookers, bakeware, Aga doors and cast iron components

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Trico VE reglasses valve bodies for the oil and chemical industries

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Stratford-upon-Avon Parkway Train Station

Trico Vitreous Enamel panels at London Midland's Stratford-upon-Avon Parkway Station

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Chelsea Academy – Public Art

Chelsea Academy Public Art

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Dublin Gasworks – Public Art

Dublin Gasworks - Public Art

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Welcome to Trico Vitreous Enamel, The Home of Vitreous Enamelling

Vitreous enamel is the perfect application for so many products from commercial signage and architectural cladding panels to cast iron cookers, bakeware and flue pipes.

The Trico VE vitreous enamelling plant is one of Europe’s most modern and Trico excels for customers in these main product groups:

Signage and Wayfinding – Our in-house graphic designers & fabricators take signs from concept to completion including: Enamel Signs & Signage, Way Finding Maps, Legible London Miniliths & Monoliths, Information Points, Way Finding Panels, Street Signs and Safety Signage in Vitreous Enamel.
See video Making Signage & Wayfinding Maps (30 secs)

Panels  – Architectural & Building Cladding Panels from ideas to installation – for the building design, construction and rail industries.
– When it comes to selecting the type of Cladding to apply to the exterior of Commercial & Residential buildings, there are many reasons why Vitreous Enamel should be considered. The first consideration should be that of safety, Vitreous Enamel panels are noncombustible. They offer durability beyond any other cladding type. See video Making VE Panels

Projects  – Trico VE is always ready to assist with and advise on unusual, one-off and sometimes, complex projects and public art – with modern photo image vitreous enamelling techniques in black & white and colour and decades of successful experience. See photos in enamel at: Rochdale Monolith and Bill Shankly Memorial

Cooker Re-enamelling – Cast Iron Range Cooker Refurb./Re-enamelling at Trico VE brings Cast Iron Range Cookers or Solid Fuel Stoves back to life! We remove existing Enamel and replace with the highest quality Enamel, in a range of colours.

Reglassing – Of valve bodies for oil, chemical and petrochemical industries. See Enamel Dusting & Reglassing video (30 secs)

Contract Enamelling – Of fabricated components; wood burner & range cooker flues, bakeware and lampshades & re-enamelling cast iron range cookers.