About Us

Trico V.E. parent company, Mariner Holdings plc, has invested to ensure Trico’s enamelling plant is one of the most modern in Europe.

On 1st April 2006, Trico VE Ltd incorporated English Enamels into its Signage Division.
Trico VE operates from an 80,000 sq ft site in Bingley, West Yorkshire.

Trico Screenprinting Trico Slurry Grinding Mills  Trico Continuous Furnace
Trico Screenprinting, Slurry Grinding Mills & Continuous Furnace

Vitreous Enamel
Due to its ts unique appearance and its resistance to corrosion and extreme heat and light; vitreous enamel’s popularity is growing.
Its use is widespread and is seen on signage / wayfinding map panels, domestic range cookers, architectural cladding and flue pipes. It is also used on a number of bespoke applications.
Trico is considered to be one of the key European suppliers of Vitreous Enamel products and has been supplying worldwide since the 1890s. See Trico VE History

Trico benefits from being self-sufficient with in-house facilities. Trico also offers a comprehensive after and pre-sales service, which is supported by technical staff whose industry-specific knowledge and expertise are unrivalled within the industry.

In-house Facilities Include:

  • Fabrication
  • Milling of Materials
  • Colour Matching
  • Laboratory & Testing Facilities

Plant List

  • 4 x Magnetic Screen Printing Beds
  • 40 Burner Continuous Variable Speed Conveyor Furnace.
    Dimensional Capacity up to 1200 x 1500mm
  • Ferro Tower Furnace (380kw),
    Dimensional Capacity up to 3000mm x 1500mm
  • 2 x (63kw) Excel Heat Box Furnaces – (ideal for cast iron)
  • Laboratory Testing Furnace
  • 2 x Electrostatic Automatic Enamel Spray Booths
  • 7 x Manual Enamel Spray Booths
  • Pre-Treatment Cleaning Line (Pickling).
    – Full Degreasing & acid etching (chemical process to remove contamination and provide an etched surface to receive enamel)